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a gender expansive girl "photo bombs" her family while they pose for a portrait

Gender Roles and Family Photography

A reflection on how girls are expected to dress and behave on a photo shoot and a plea for letting our children be their truest selves in front of the camera.


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Mel Worthington is a newborn and family photographer in Washington DC and beyond, helping families enjoy more time together right now.  (And remember it all fondly later, of course!)

– Mel E

Things that don’t need to be perfect to capture beautiful family memories

1. Your home.  This is your safe space and sanctuary so it’s the perfect setting.  I promise not to focus on dust bunnies, bathrooms, or dishes and we can move things around or shove stuff into a closet if we need to:  trust me when I say there’s no judgment from me! (Wanna see my house? LOL4)

2. The weather!  Rain or shine, window light is all we need.

3. Your outfits.  This is your real and amazing family, not a Kardashian Christmas shoot!

Looking for advice on how to dress for the occasion?

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