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Documentary style family photos


You’re exhausted… but they’re so cute

The days are long and all consuming but your little kids are vibrant!  Let’s capture all their energy, play and personality before they grow out of it!

childhood goes fast, enjoy the ride!

Parenting young children feels messy, hectic and hard.  

It looks like a circus threw up in your living room. Bluey is your new standard for great TV. You never want to see another chicken nugget for the rest of your life.

I understand why we want to wash away the mess when we take family photos, why we go somewhere scenic or clean, why we dress in nice clothes and leave toys in the car.

But I also know that your life will never be more intertwined with your childrens’ lives than they are right now so…

Let’s keep real life in family photos!

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parents look on as their kids run around the couch holding their toys
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A family buys passcards at the Metro station, the baby in the stroller is smiling at us
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Adventures welcome!

Is there something your family loves to do together outside your home? We can adventure anywhere life is happening: no two family sessions should look alike!


Fresh 48 Sessions are also available!


Wanna swap home for the hospital? No problem, I’m happy to meet you for a brief session in those early hours!

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Mel captures the spirit (however chaotic) of our family perfectly…

… she captures the moments that are fleeting and easily forgotten but shouldn’t be. I can’t imagine having anyone else behind the camera.”

– Jen H


I’m Mel.

And I know how you feel.


I’ve got you! s

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The session fee to book is $350 and packages with files begin at $499.

Once your proofs are returned to you, select from one of the following package offerings to receive high-resolution files and print products

Package #1

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Perfect for the family that wants to start living with artwork at home and in the office.

Image files

All the high resolution files


A 30 page 8.5×8.5 linen bound album

Wall Art

A wall installation for your home, designed to change as they do. Choose from 1 of 4 options

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Desk displays

2 desk displays, each with 12 archival prints to rotate

Package #2

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Perfect for families who want to create their own displays.

Image files

All the high-resolution files


A 30-page 7×7 linen-bound album

Package #3

a girl skips through a pumpkin patch with her family behind her

Perfect for the family that just needs a handful of awesome to keep and to share.

Image files

15 of your favorite high-resolution files

Things that don’t need to be perfect to capture beautiful family memories

1. Your home.  This is your safe space and sanctuary so it’s the perfect setting.  I promise not to focus on dust bunnies, bathrooms, or dishes and we can move things around or shove stuff into a closet if we need to:  trust me when I say there’s no judgment from me! (Wanna see my house? LOL4)

2. The weather!  Rain or shine, window light is all we need.

3. Your outfits.  This is your real and amazing family, not a Kardashian Christmas shoot!

Looking for advice on how to dress for the occasion?

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Once you invest in your first in home photography session, I will offer a membership that makes planning your next one more accessible and exciting! I do offer payment plans and my services can be added a registry as a trusted babycito provider!

Each family is unique so I’ll customize your shoot to capture your life, wherever its happening. Even when we shoot at home we can make time for a walk to the local park, donut shop, brewery or wherever your family finds down time and delight.

Don’t worry – I will take good care of you and walk you through everything! Have you signed up for my newsletter to receive my “unstyle guide” (keep scrolling)? It’s a great place to begin!

I know some amazing family photographers who do this very thing waaaay better than I can so I will refer you to someone great!

I know that documentary style family photos aren’t going to be for everyone but I love surprising you. You have no idea how photo-worthy your everyday life is right now or the power these photos can have as you parent and as they grow. I hope you’ll take a chance.

If you’re not there yet, follow me on IG (@melzwphotog). Even if you never hire me, I’m always sharing things to make modern parenting better. P.S. – No one has a designer house and if you have laundry on the floor somewhere right now, you are one of us!

Mel makes magic with her photos.

She is kind, relatable, and the most pleasurable to work with. You will not regret the money spent.

Amber D.

capture this version of your kids


Its hard to believe that you will ever walk through the world without carrying baby wipes…. but you will.

Every day you help them learn new things, whether its regulating their emotions or tying their shoes. Sometimes it feels good, like tossing the travel potty. But sometimes there’s an ache, like the Halloween where they turn down trick-or-treating.

Babies will grow up. Photos can help us hold onto each stage so that we can embrace the next, all while telling our children the story of how loved they are, just the way they are.


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