newborn baby swaddled in single mother's arms

Newborn Photography for Single Moms – Maggie’s Story of becoming a single mom by choice or SMC

“You just don’t know how much you might impact someone else by telling your story.”


a mother holds her newborn in the background with several ultrasound pictures tacked to the fridge in the foreground

Maggie and I both share the belief that the right story finds the right person at the right time and that no one should journey alone. You can hear her story in her words for yourself in Season 2, Episode 4 of “The Single Greatest Choice”, a podcast for single women who are considering becoming moms – and I hope you will. Maggie wanted to help her “breasties” and SMCs with complex medical histories navigate their choices.

SMC was a new acronym to me…

… even though I have been photographing Single Moms by Choice for years! I love SMC as an identity because it connects both autonomy/inner knowing with community and shared wisdom. Maggie faced a complex situation: she was living with high risk factors for both breast and ovarian cancer but the very procedures that could extend her life and offer peace of mind would directly impact her fertility. She created a unique path to becoming a mother, taking one scary step at a time towards a life lived with less fear and great purpose. I am so lucky to know her and her equally badass sisters because we should know more stories of women shaping their destinies, social convention and diagnostic roadblocks be damned!

Enter this little guy! 💙 I loved documenting the tender way she holds and soothes him, the home she made for them both, the multitude of ultrasound pictures proudly and consecutively displayed on the fridge. Someday C will know how he came to be and how his mom trusted herself to pursue the life she was ready for, the one she knew they both deserved to live. Being parented by someone who forges their own path can only empower a child to do the same as they grow. And I just can’t think of a better lived lesson to pass down.

For you, whether you are a single mom by choice or not-so-much by choice…

Newborn photos taken at home are important for all parents and the babies they raise: the newborn era is a love soaked haze we can’t remember well for ourselves and our babies can’t make memories of their own.

Professional newborn and family photography is especially important for single moms AND for all single parents who won’t have a partner present to document their everyday lives, love and parenting.

Single moms give their kids the world, full stop – their children do not lack. I’m so grateful Maggie brought me in to help her remember these early days with Baby C and can’t wait to see their story together unfold over time! And if you are hanging out with a single mom, please think to raise your camera phone and document as much as you can to share with her. If you can contribute to a photography fund as part of her baby shower, that would be so meaningful too. And if you are considering single parenting by choice I have more tips on how to budget for professional photography and you can find out more about my approach here.

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